My name is Ovidiu Manoilescu. I was born on 31st of August 1978 in Victoria, a small Romanian mountain town.

I have a BSc in Computer Science and I love photography. While I love photography as a whole, I am drawn by portrait photography. I love the power the human face has on us. I love how it can tell exactly who we are and who we want to become at the same time.

We live in our own Universe, surrounded by the things we want to be surrounded by, and those we are forced to want around us. We hide too much from each other and rarely admit to anything. We hide our thoughts so well, that they are often lost, even to ourselves, at least at a conscious level. Fortunately, we stay human by taking a moment to reflect in who we wanted to be, what we dreamt of becoming, what we wished for at one point...

How often have you spaced out while walking on the street, while being at the market, surrounded by the deafening noise of civilization? I bet you can't even remember those moments. None of us can, because we hide these bits and pieces of time deep within our memory. We hide them from others, but mostly from ourselves.

My work captures one of these moments. Moments in which, us humans, have aspirations and desires towards which our thoughts glide imperceptibly.